Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Coon Rapids, Talahi, Friends School, SCSU and NHCC Banners

The drilling has finished now, the drill rig and drill camp is being disassembled, and brought back in, and most of the teachers and scientists associated with ANDRILL have 'left the ice'. The sea ice runway has been closed, and the C-17s are now flying from Pegasus Runway, the 'white ice' runway on the ice shelf. I could see all the runway-related buildings being moved across the ice from the Lab window last weekend. I have stayed a bit longer because I am working to finish off a geologic trail guide to Observation Hill.

As reports are being organized and equipment packed for shipment off the ice, I am finally taking care of a few things that I need to do. The McMurdo sign is probably one of the easiest places to get to in ‘town’, but every time I had all the school banners together in one place, it was way too windy. Besides, it was easy to procrastinate, because it seemed like I had plenty of time. Finally, when it was a nice day last week (December 1st? – all the days seem to meld into one here, and I never remember what day it is), with the assistance of Bob and Louise, I took all my school and university banners for a photographic session. I also went for a walk with Robin and wore the North Hennepin Community College sweatshirt - It was COLD when I took my Big Red off for that picture!

Talahi Community School
I could hold this banner by myself!

Coon Rapids Middle School
It took two of us to hold this Banner up! You were all here - or your signatures were!

Friends School of Minnesota

It is a small world. When we were taking the pictures we discovered that Bob's father had taught summer school at the secondary school I went to in England.

Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Department, St. Cloud State University
They don't use the husky dogs for sledwork here any more, but the huskies are represented!

North Hennepin Community College, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
It was cold taking these pictures! I put my Big Red back on straight away

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