Friday, December 14, 2007

Curious George and the Penguins

I last left George back at the dorm with the instructions, "Don't get into any trouble while I'm gone."  Unusually enough for George, he has stayed out of trouble!  Such a well behaved little monkey.  

As a reward, I arranged for him to visit the local Cape Royds Adelie penguin colony with a friend of mine, Jean Pennycook.  She works with Dr. David Ainley monitoring the long-term effects of changing climate on the penguin colony.  Her trip there was delayed until after I left the ice, so George will stay with her for awhile, then come back to New Zealand with some of ANDRILL's scientists who live in Christchurch where I can pick him up before heading back home to Alaska!
When I got to see the photos from George's trip, I was amazed to see how friendly the Adelies were to George.  I'm glad he decided to come back home with me rather than stay with the penguins.  It is probably because he doesn't like to eat fish!

It certainly looks like they had fun!  Huge thanks to Jean, Louise, and Kari for introducing George around and taking his picture for me.  Thanks to everyone who sent comments and requests for places for George to visit on this trip.

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