Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Arrival at Mackay Sea Valley

NOTE: Julia is in a remote field camp, and she will have limited access to technology. Her journals will be posted when they are available. In most cases, pictures will be posted when she returns. We were lucky with this post, because a helicopter brought her CD back to town with these pictures and a handwritten journal. Enjoy!

Journal from October 24, 2007:
Mackay Sea Valley Camp on the sea ice.

We finally made it out to our camp on Wednesday, October 24, 2007. The helicopter ride was amazing. Guys from the carpenter shop came out to our site ahead of us and set up one tent for a kitchen and one for a science tent--both with heat! We set up pyramid-shaped Scott tents for sleeping. My job was to organize the science tent and arrange work areas for computer work, storage and a clothes dryer section.

We finally started the seismic survey yesterday and completed twenty-five holes--only 375 to go! Weather has been beautiful and we've had a couple of excursions to see the seals--even some seal pups! See the cute baby in the picture below.But life can be harsh in Antarctica. One sorrowful mother seal was mourning her dead pup--so sad to see that.

Have to run--off for another day in the field.
Julia's bunny boots on sea ice.

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