Friday, October 12, 2007

Wash, wash, wash your hands!

On our first full day at McMurdo, while walking to lunch we were snagged by the medical staff having a free flu shot clinic in the hallway. We all got our shots to help prevent us from getting the flu while we are here at McMurdo. Keeping everyone healthy is a top priority both Raytheon (RPSC) and NSF (National Science Foundation). We are so busy all the time I can hardly imagine the impact of anyone being sick for even a day!

The so-called McMurdo crud, a mix of colds that goes back and forth through the station's population, is under heavy propaganda attack here at the station. In every restroom are numerous signs about the importance of washing your hands and the correct way to do so. Outside the galley are several "bird bath" sinks and there is one last container of hand sanatizer on the way into the line for trays, plates, and glasses. Throughout the serving area are other signs reminding people of the best behavior to keep from spreading germs to keep our fellow McMurdo-ites healthy. After all this hand washing, good hand lotion is very important to keep your skin from drying out and cracking in this dry environment.

I went on a hunt for as many different handwashing signs as I could find - here are some samples!

What areas in your daily life could use a cleanliness boost to stay healthy? Where do you think you come into contact with the most germs from other people? What are some ways you could find out?

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