Sunday, October 21, 2007

Curious George Visits the Crary Lab

...being an account of the continuing adventures of that rascally monkey from Alaska....

George wanted to go to work with Joanna today. He promised to be a good little monkey. George rode in the pocket of Joanna's Big Red jacket. He was cold by the time they arrived at the lab. When they were close enough to Crary Lab, he leapt out to go inside quickly, but it was hard for George to get the heavy freezer door latch to move by himself. Once Joanna opened the door for him, he saw that the lab had lots of potential for fun.

Crary is built in three sections going down a slope. George slid down the bannister of the sloping hall that connected the three sections through the middle. He started typing on Joanna's computer in the ARISE teacher's office but she caught him and carried him off. George visited several of the scientists, he even looked through a microscope!

In the core room, George climed up on the long tables and looked at the core in its boxes. He liked the funny earthy smell it
had. Some of the scientists were also looking at the core. They told George he should take some notes, so George tried to record things he noticed in the core sections. It was hard. George wasn't sure what he was observing. He decided that he needed to learn more about rocks first. After such a busy day, George was tired and ready to go back to the dorm room. George waited for Joanna. He didn't want to go the whole way by himself, it had been snowing and windy all day.

On the way out of Crary Lab, George noticed the picture of a man wearing a big parka. A sign nearby said that this was Albert Crary, the man the laboratory is named for. He was a US leader 50 years ago in the worldwide Geophysical Year (1957) and an important scientist within the National Science Foundation (NSF). George thought he had a kind face. Where would you like to see George go next as he explores?


Anonymous said...

We'd like to see Curious George visit a penguin colony. It would be great if he was wearing a little black suit.

Can you join the drillers at the drill rig?

Mrs. Gates class 1

Anonymous said...

I think it would be cool if he went and vistited a penguin or two!
~Ryan, Ms. Barnes 8th grade, Goldenview Middle School