Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Today Show in McMurdo!

There is great excitement around here, as the crew of the Today Show are arriving in McMurdo for a week long stay. They are here to report on many different aspects of Antarctica, including the science research. I understand that Ann Curry is coming here (and I just saw the C-17 aircraft arrive - as I have a view of the ice runway from my office window), Matt Lauer is going to the Arctic, and Al Roker, the weather man is going to the Equator in Equador, all for simlutaneous reporting. I also heard that the primary focus of this series is global climate change, of which ANDRILL is a key player. I find it very exciting that awareness about climate change has now reached a critical enough level that mainstream media are flying to the ends of the earth for a week to cover it and popularize the scientific research. I applaud them for their efforts to bring the science and global systems awareness alive to viewers and to make it relavent to their lives.

The Today Show team will be spending time with and interviewing members of the ANDRILL Team, as well as other science teams here on ice. I understand that they will have several taped segments, and two live, simultaneous broadcasts from around the world, scheduled for the mornings of November 5 and 6 (in the U.S., which would be the wee hours of the mornings here on November 6 and 7.) I will look forward to hearing your responses to what you see in their broadcasts!

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