Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tomorrow will be a Big Day!

Tomorrow I, together with Louise, Ken, Joanna, Rainier, and Graziano will head off to 'Happy Camper' School - which is an overnight 'Survival School.' Julia, Bob, and Robin have already completed it. We learn how to survive in antarctic conditions, and how to look after our teammates. We have been watching the weather closely, and I can't tell you how glad we are that the forcast for tomorrow looks like this:
By the way, we visited the Meteorology Office yesterday. One of the forecasters had predicted 'balmy' weather (on an antarctic scale), and people were teasing him about it. We also met one of the weather observers, Patricia Ballou - she showed us the radiosondes ('weather ballons' they send up several times a day. I will try to go and see them release one when I get time. In the meantime I need to go and get all my gear organized for happy camper. I won't be checking my email for a couple of days.

Patrician Ballou shows us parts of the Radiosonde

Here is the view out my office window at 9:30 pm this evening. You might note that there are two planes on the ground on the Ice Runway - we don't often see two at one time, and they often seem to head straight back to Christchurch - maybe they are just loading them and they are about to head off. I'll have to wait until morning and see, I'm heading off now!

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