Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Camp Cuisine from 11/7/07

Camp Cuisine


I just hung up from an Iridium phone call back home with a very dear friend of my mine who was concerned that we might not be eating very well out here at camp. I could tell him that we’ve been having excellent food, which made me think I’ve been remiss in describing that part of camp life for you.

Our camp cook is Joan. She lives in Wyoming when she is “home”. We’ve become good tentmates and enjoy the infrequent quiet afternoons at camp when we can wash our hair. I’ve noticed the dinners over the last few days have become much more interesting to the palate, rather than just being good food that fills you up. Joan said she’s feeling much more in her element and in a creative mood now that we’ve really settled in. After earning her degree in geology, Joan began her culinary training in Philadelphia. She’s had many interesting experiences since then including outdoor education instructor and being a ranch hand. Cooking and the outdoors seem to be recurring themes. Joan said, “Cooking is a way to go places, because everyone needs to eat.” Brandon and Josh, the mechanics that joined us for dinner last night will attest that we don’t just eat, we’re Dining.

I wish I had taken a photo of last night’s dinner. Sautéed chicken breasts with sundried tomatoes and mozzarella, accompanied by tortellini with pesto and lovely green beans. Joan made a beautiful presentation. Tonight’s menu, Thai green curry with chicken and shrimp. The tangy aromas are making me very hungry as I sit here writing, maybe I should move over to the science tent instead!

I’m amazed by Joan’s creations given what she has to work with.

The outside photo shows the refrigerator/ freezer, or as Joan calls it, the “grocery store”. Photos inside the kitchen show the inside food stores and the stove/work surface. And of course, a very happy Joan after we all enjoyed her Thai curry. (p.s. It was REALLY good!!!! )

This reviewer gives restaurant Granite Harbor G-049, a four star rating. Reservations suggested.

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