Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Inspiring Young Minds

Ann Arbor, Michigan is a world away from Antarctica. Yet the students in Ann Arbor Public Schools are very engaged with ANDRILL and are following the progress of of the drilling. They are asking excellent questions, and illustrating postcards with their visions of Antarctic life and science. It is a thrill to see their inquisitive minds and work. I see the "seeds" getting planted for a new generation of ANDRILL Scientists!

Here are some postcards and questions from the students at Bach Elementary School:

Here is a sampling of the excellent questions the Bach School students sent to the ANDRILL Team. I have distributed these postcards to people across the ice - and they are helping to write a personalized response to every postcard. When they are all answered, I will send them back to the students.

See what kind of answers you come up with. I will post the answers on a future blog!


Why is the ice so blue?

Is the Ice Sheet ever going to melt?

What kinds of tools do you use to study the rocks?

Do people on the ANDRILL team get pneumonia a lot?

How do you cook and keep the food warm out in the field?

Does metal rust in Antarctica?

Where do you get the food for Antarctica, and how does it get out to you in the field?

Do you play any sports in Antarctica?

What kinds of penguins are you seeing?

What information are you getting from the rocks?

What is the best thing about Antarctica?

How do the mechanics fix the equipment in such cold weather?

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