Saturday, November 24, 2007

Signs of Spring

When we first arrived, low temperatures hovered around -30F without windchill. As weeks go by, those numbers keep creeping upwards- now nearly always in the positive. Recently any day that is sunny has created puddles, dripping eaves and icicles, and muddy spots. I even saw some joggers the other day.

Another sign of spring is the return of our skuas. These scavenging birds are very effective at finding food resources, they know that Building 155 is where the galley is located, anyone carrying out food wrapped for later has to be prepared to keep it from the birds. The first skua of spring was actually spotted flying past on the 4th of November but they didn't really move in to town until a week or so after that. Now they are sitting boldly in the middle of the road or parking area most mornings.

The hard packed snowberms that surrounded the buildings and encroached on the roads when we first arrived are mostly gone now. It seems like a strange time to have Thanksgiving, the sun and melting make me think of Easter and spring instead?

What signs of changing seasons do you look for or notice first?

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