Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sharing ANDRILL Findings From "The Ice"

Many efforts are in place to share the ANDRILL findings and news while we are on the ice. The main site for ANDRILL related news and information is the ANDRILL website: Here are just a few outlets for learning more about ANDRILL.

The Today Show
ANDRILL was visited today by the crew from the Today Show. Two ANDRILL Scientists, David Harwood and Richard Levy, took Ann Curry, anchorwoman, and her crew of 3 on a tour through the core and the laboratory and explained the geological and paleoenvironmental significance of the ANDRILL findings. Harwood and Levy also explained the context for ANDRILL and how we can use information from the ancient rock record to help us understand the present and speculate about future changes global climate systems.

Harwood and Levy also spoke passionately about the importance of training our current students, the next generation of scientists, to understand global change, and the consequences of human actions (and inactions). They also asserted that a big part of the ANDRILL commitment is to educate policy makers about the scientific findings which reveal information to us
about ice sheet responses (past, present and future) to global warming.

The Today Show will be reporting from Antarctica about ANDRILL and many other aspects of Antarctic Science on November 5 and 6 (in the U.S.)

Project Iceberg Videos
One of the ANDRILL team members, Megan Berg, has just made a wonderful video on "Antarctica Today" that
she has just posted to the ANDRILL website. You can view it at: This is the first of this year's videos, which follow a great series that she produced last year, found on the same link.

Postcards from the Field
In addition to these blogs, the ARISE team is writing "Postcards from the Field" and posting them to the following site: This is a great place to see photographs and read short descriptions about our life and work in Antarctica. There are many interesting links on the postcards that will take you to related "postcards."

Phone and Video Tele-Conferences
Students all over the world are having opportunites to communicate with on-ice ANDRILL scientists and educators. Numerous conferences have been conducted, either with video technology at both ends so that students and ANDRILL team can see and talk to one another in real time, or via phone with Powerpoint Slideshows sent beforehand so that everyone can be looking at the same images while connected via phone lines. Thousands of students have had this special opportunity to talk to scientists on the ice and to ask questions. It's been fantastic at both ends!

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